[Mr. Goodwill Hunting]: the southern gentlemen's spring brunch

Monday, April 16, 2012

[Mr. Goodwill Hunting]: the southern gentlemen's spring brunch: good monday everyone! this weekend i hosted the intimate and by-invitation-only gathering, of the southern gentlemen's spring brunch at the...

Walk with me!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I have a few different events going on this month plus I'm looking to clear out what's in the store now and add new things to the online store. So I decided to share with everyone some of the things I'm thinking about wearing and some of the items I am planning sell, so walk with me and check out just a few of the things I plan to offer in the store and some of the outfits I'm considering wearing this month!

This one I was thinking I wanted to wear next Saturday to the Southern Gentlemen's Spring Brunch, BUT I think I have something else in mind!!

I thought maybe I wanted to wear this out fit to the Brunch, but yet I am still undecided :(

I was thinking putting these seersucker slacks with the green blazer.

I definitely want to do a wing-tip at one of these events and this pair have been in my radar!!

No, I'm not afraid of color, I embrace it!! LOL

This is an outfit that is in the running for a different event later this month, but today someone contacted me and they where interested in it for themselves, so it may be gone!

Also here is the bag I posted last week, I'm going to drop it off with my shoe guy (he handles leather goods) and have him refresh it for me!

Also, (since I'm in the sharing mood) here is the vintage North Carolina A&T State Univ portfolio bag, and yes it is for sell!!!

AGGIE PRIDE!!!!!!!! (I had to represent, lol)

So, I will be making some decisions on some things and who knows maybe I will change my mind on some things, AGAIN.

Sir Byron Laurent