The Southern Gentlemen's Style Council #SGSCStyleSeries Soiree

Monday, July 30, 2012

What happens when some of the most style gentlemen and ladies come together and socialize with the "Gents" of  the Southern Gentlemen's Style Council? You get style and fashion overload! That's what happened Thursday July 26th at the Mosaic Lounge in Raleigh, NC.

(Left to right and rear to front)
Stephon, Geoffrey, Marcus, Andre, Demetris, Jay
Caleb, Terrell, Lawrence, Shanard, William, Shavar 
It's Pocket Square Time!! lol

The #SGSCStyleSeries Soiree is an event that all of use with the Southern Gentlemen's Style Council look forward to, and we were excited to have this one at the Mosaic Lounge in Raleigh. Business owners, fashion bloggers and simply just stylish people made this event amazing. 

Big thanks to fellow Gent Shanard Smith (@DaBestDressed) for coming from the SGSC Charlotte District to support the local Raleigh District.

Shavar (@Veezy_F_Swayze) and John owners of The Session Magazine (@TheSessionMag) stopped by to be in the place. You might recognize the magazine name, I had a men's fashion contribution to their May/June issue. Also thank you to the very fashionable Dinah (@iamdmari) for stopping by.

I know everyone knows these two awesome ladies, Kimberly (@TNFashionista) and Ashely (@missfabellis). Two amazing natural hair and fashion bloggers, oh did I mention both are where awarded Essence's Top 100 Naturalistas on Instagram?! 

William (@emergenco) owner of EmergeNC is socializing with Andre, who by the way is an awesome thrift and consignment shopper. He also has his own online store to sell his amazing finds.

Dee (@ThereGoesDEE) and my lovely wife Latonya came out to socialize with everyone. My wife is killing it in the orange dress!!

   Big Shout out to Caleb (@clwtrademark) owner/stylist of CLW Trademark for making his way all the way from Jacksonville, FL. Is this handshake solidifying the Southern Gentlemen's Style Council Florida District? You will have to just wait and find out! ;-) 

Another big shout out goes to Demetris (@Cre8tv4u) Designer at Creative TOUCH Designs was in the building, love those blue wingtips man! 

Here are some additional pictures of this awesome soiree....
Jay (@JayMo704) was clean and that lapel flower, nice touch sir!

From all the way across the pond, Geoffrey brought Raleigh and little European style with his perfectly tailored suit!

Shanard with Stephon our newest addition to the Southern Gentlemen Style Council Charlotte District .
Feeling like Barack and Michelle Obama in this picture, President Flow!
Marcus of Natty Neckware stopped by to socialize, these gentlemen looked very dapper! (Really the orange slacks, don't hurt'em out there!)
Thanks Donnie of IC Beauty for stopping by!

Shavar and Andre 
Ani and William 
The Mosaic takeover!

The event was amazing and we had a ton a fun! If you wasn't  in the building then you  simply just missed out!! lol
Huge thank you to the Mosaic Lounge 
( to Stan (@SCJPhotography)
with Stan Chambers Photography ( capturing the moments.

Of course we couldn't forget the ladies who came out to socialize, thank you for all your support!!

(Left to right and rear to front)
Dinah (far right rear)
Dee, Ani, Latonya, Kimberlee, Ashley