Vintage Style in Raleigh, NC

Monday, November 11, 2013

I had an amazing time the "Fresh Faces" photo shoot with She.Unique Photography. Each ensemble captured in this photo shoot came either from a thrift or consignment shop or I received it free of charge. Check it out and tell me what you think! 

Vintage Blue Wool Pinstripe Suit: Consignment, $35.00

Pink French Cuff Shirt: Thrift Store, $2.00 

Pink and Blue Tommy Hilfiger Tie: Traded with someone for a thrifted tie I owned. FREE!!

Vintage Burgundy Johnston & Murphy Tassel Loafers: Traded with someone for a thrifted suit I owned. FREE!!

Creme Wool Blazer w/ Suede Elbow Patches: Consignment, $28.00

Plaid Brown and Blue Nautica Trousers: Thrift Store, $7.00

Blue French Cuff Shirt: Thrift Store, $3.00

NEW Magnanni Lace Up Shoes: Consignment, $95.00 

Blue, Brown and Tan Tie: Traded with someone for a thrifted tie I owned. FREE!!

As you can see great style can be found at any of your local thrift and consignment stores. You can even find a fellow "thrifter" and make trades with someone who loves thrifting as much as you do. 

Remember to visit She.Unique Photography and if you are interested in personal shopping and styling contact us at!

Until next time!

Lawrence "Sir Byron Laurent" Spivey

Sir Byron's Product Review: Soul Socks

Thursday, October 31, 2013

If you know me then you know I really enjoy a awesome pair of socks. To be honest the more unique the sock is the better in my book! I recently had the privilege to check out a pair from the company Soul Socks and let me say I am very impressed! Check out my review of this awesome company that is new to the scene and is definitely giving other companies a run for their money!

 Soul Socks

The Company: Ok, if you love socks this is a pretty cool concept. One of the things you can do is subscribe to their sock program and receive a pair of unique socks each month. If you pay for a full year upfront they will throw in a extra pair, that means you get 13 different socks over a years time. This is huge for the sock connoisseur! Side Note: A portion of their proceeds goes to a charity to prepare youth for the job market! What an amazing way to give back to help our youth and our country's job market! 

The Product: I have to say upon receiving the socks it is definitely professionally packaged. You can tell they took time to make sure the purchaser feels like they are receiving a excellent product. But the biggest "wow" you find next is when you feel that Pima Cotton material; you know the socks are going to wear well and feel very comfortable on. One detail I like is that the socks are not too thick so it is a comfortable pair of socks to wear with many types of shoes and can be worn the majority of the year. This is a plus down here in the South because we don't have too many months of very cold weather. 

The Overall Experience: All in all I would have to say Soul Socks is a great company with an even more amazing mission and of course they sell an EXCELLENT pair of socks. With it's light weight, unique designs and simple monthly sock program I would say Soul Socks should be a staple in every dapper gentleman's sock collection. Soul Socks is definitely "Sir Byron APPROVED"

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Guest post from The Language of Yolande: "Fall Forward"

Monday, August 26, 2013

As we prepare for some of the hottest weather of the summer, retailers are preparing for fall. July is the start of fall fashion. To stay ahead of the game, check out the trend for the fall.

Feminine Suiting

After seasons of very feminine and overly sexy clothing, fashion is now moving to a more masculine look. What perfect way to create this look than using classic menswear fabrics. Although the looks are becoming more masculine, there is still a feminine touch here and there.

Billy Reid and Dolce Gabbana 
Tomboy Chic

Inspired by street fashion, designers have taken the tomboy chic look into the fall. This look is achieved by pairing classic school boy pieces with chic feminine pieces.
J. Crew and Phillip Lim

Below the Knee

As we know in gravity, what goes up must come down. This rule can easily be applied to fashion. After seasons of the mini skirt, skirts that are below the knee were ruling the fall 2013 runways.
Celine and Oscar de la Renta

More is Better

Oversized coats were all over the runways for the fall. The masculine movement also influences this trend. Designer used classic menswear coats, such as the peacoat, and gave them a twist.
Chanel and Trussardi

Mix and Mingle

For the spring/summer trends, we saw a mix of prints, prints, and more prints. Well no worries that continues in the fall! 
J. Crew and Diane Von Furstenberg

Seeing Clearly

Another trend that continues from spring/summer trends is crystal jewelry. This trend adds a pop of glam to any look. 
Balmain and Dries Von Noten

Sky High

With clothing women’s clothing becoming more masculine, a thigh high boot is a perfect way to bring sexy to an outfit.
Phillip Lim and Tom Ford

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Sir Byron Laurent's Back to School Style Guide on "My Carolina TODAY"!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Once again I had the blessed honored to be back on My Carolina TODAY with Valonda Calloway and Mike Morse talking about Fall fashion for the dapper young man. This original aired on August 2nd and I want to make sure I share it with all of you! Check it out below!!

Everything Weddings And More: Derby Vineyard Styled Shoot by In His Image Photog...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Southern Gentleman Style at its BEST!! I had the opportunity to style the men of this photo shoot for a Kentucky Derby style wedding theme. Outside of being a little hot (ok, very hot), it's was a great time!! Big shout out to Creative TOUCH Designs for the inspiration, In His Image Photography and Gregory Vineyards for the awesome location! Also, I want to send a major shout out to everyone that participated in front of the camera and especially those behind the camera. The photo shoot was featured on Everything Weddings & More website and you can check it out by clicking on the link below!!

P.S. Contact me at if you are looking for a little "Gentleman Style" inspiration for your special day! Now taking bookings for 2014.

Everything Weddings And More: Derby Vineyard Styled Shoot by In His Image Photog...: We are stepping it all up this Thursday for you. Awesomeness of a well thought of and planned styled shoot today by In His Image Photogra...

MODEL CALL for Raleigh, NC

Friday, July 19, 2013

If you are a dapper or preppy young gentleman and you are either in high school or college contact me TODAY! I am looking for 2 models for a project in Raleigh, NC! Please submit inquires to for consideration. Please send a photo and brief description about yourself. With the overwhelming submissions I have extended the submission date to Sunday July 21st. 

Sir Byron Laurent Consulting on "My Carolina TODAY"

Friday, June 28, 2013

Last week I had the honor to do a men's style segment on "My Carolina TODAY" with Valonda Calloway and Mike Morse. It was a amazing experience and I want to thank Andre Smith, Eric Williams and Robert Kastelic for their assistance modeling for the day. I also want to send a special thank you my wife Latonya Spivey for working hard in the background to make this whole day amazing! If you haven't seen the segment check out the link below and view some of the behind the scene pictures of that day!

Prep Before The Taping

Taking Style With Valonda And Mike

Andre, Eric and Robert

Great Picture With Valonda and Mike

Andre Sporting the Business Look

Robert and I Before Taping
After the Taping

25 Most Stylish in The Triangle

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo By Siva Yannapu's Lens Works
I wanted to share with everyone that recently I was honored by Carolina STYLE Magazine as one of their 25 Most Stylish in The Triangle!! It was such a honor to be recognized and nominated by your peers. Please check out some of the great pictures taken at this event and thank you again for all of your support!

Photo by

Also visit Carolina STYLE Magazine for more photos from this event!

The Hype Magazine Interviews Lawrence Spivey

The 25 Most Stylish People In The Triangle

Monday, April 15, 2013

That's right, here in Raleigh, NC Carolina Style Magazine is taking nominations for The 25 Most Stylish People In The Triangle. TODAY is the LAST day to nominate people!  I first want to say THANK YOU to the MANY MANY people who has already submitted a nomination to have me honored. Thank you and thank you again for the your messages, your calls and those who told me face to face that you support what I do through "Sir Byron Laurent Style and Fashion Consulting" If you haven't voted please take the time TODAY to show your support by submitting your nomination. By being nominated I look to continue to have a greater impact to reach out to men in Raleigh and the surrounding areas and help transform them not only on the outside but on the inside to be dapper gentleman they have always seen themselves being. Through the work I have been blessed to do with people in this area I have been able to make connections where this year Sir Byron Laurent Style and Fashion Consulting will start reaching out to the young men in our communities. Don't think of nominating me as some meaningless superlative but as a fuel to push a greater movement! I provided a link to do the nomination below, you will need to submit my phone number as part of the nomination. My number is 336-340-1623 (leave the dashes out to nominate). If you have any questions feel free to email me at THANK YOU!!

Gentleman’s Guide: 5 Tips for Thrifting

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Many men look to achieve a dapper style with the smallest impact to their wallets. I’m here to inform you that this can be done through thrift and consignment shops! Check out these tips on how to make the best of your time and resources as you shop.

TIP 1: Single vent, side vents and no vents!
When looking at suits and blazers make sure you have vents. Wearing a suit or blazer without vents is a bit dated and not in line with modern style. Also you generally cannot add vents because there is not enough material to create them.

TIP 2: Lapel pins are back!
Make sure you stop by the display case and look at lapel pins because they have taken on a new life. This adds a super unique look to your ensemble and generally only costs under five bucks!

One thing people forget is that the clothes are mostly all second hand so you really need to try them on. Why, you ask? First, older or vintage items are not true to our current sizing system so the size that you wear now may not match up with the size in your garment. Second, a previous owner may have had the garment tailored and it may not fit the way the item says it should. So, stop by the fitting room to be sure!

TIP 4: Avoid last minute shopping for an entire outfit.
Do not make this mistake! If you are in the shop at 3 PM, the event is at 7 PM and you have just started shopping, you are about to be disappointed. It is extremely hard to find an entire outfit in a couple of hours (even for the best thrifter).  An outfit for most people usually comes together over time and from many places or from pieces they already own from previous thrift and consignment visits. It looks easy but there are many hours put in to create an entire look.

TIP 5: Ask for recommendations for shops!
When in doubt, just ask someone who goes thrift shopping where to go. Really good thrift shoppers can point you in the right direction.  All stores are not created equal! Faithful thrifters often enjoy taking group trips to shops and seeing who can come out with the best deal or find the most unique item.

I hope these tips get you really excited about hitting the thrift and consignment shops and finding a unique look at just a fraction of the cost. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your Easter Suit

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

As we are getting closer to Easter, many men take this opportunity to purchase a new suit for Sunday Easter service. This is a really good time to purchase a suit because many retailers understand that many people will be purchasing suits and you can get a really good deal on your purchase. Done correctly, you can add a quality suit (or suits) to your wardrobe at a really good price. Done incorrectly, you can be stuck with a disaster hanging in your closest that you will never wear again. So, I will share 4 quick tips to get you going in the right direction.

      1.      Do not shop at the last minute!
Shopping the week of or even the day before Easter is a huge mistake. When you shop at the last minute you will be left with everything no one else wanted or the options will be so slim that you may not find what you are looking for. Another problem with last minute shopping is that you won’t have time to invest into getting quality tailoring done on your new suit. I understand the store has an in-house tailor but you don’t know this person’s work (and of course you want to have someone who you are familiar with tailor your suit). In house tailors upcharge during this time of year for their service. Also consider the fact that if the tailor is pushing out many suits in a short amount of time, who is to say they will do a good job since they are rushing to do yours and a ton of others before Easter Sunday? I stress… DON’T WAIT until the last minute!

      2.       Just a little color can go a long way.
If you live in the south then you know what I mean by this. Traditionally in the South (many years ago) men would wear bright color suits at Easter. Easter would signify the transition into Spring and thus it translated into the color of the suits. Over time bright, primary or pastel colored suits dominated the southern black churches. A poorly constructed suit or choice in material can make a suit look tacky or cheap. Of course, being dapper is always the goal! Tone down the bold colors to just the shirt, ties or pocket square. If you want to wear a bold suit make sure you are purchasing a quality suit from a reputable suit maker or retailer. Like with anything we wear, clean and precise tailoring can neaten the entire look.

3.        Step up with the right shoe.
We cannot deal with the suit and not talk shoes. For example, the worst thing you can do to a new car is have bald, worn out tires. It completely ruins the ride. This is what a pair of bad shoes does to a good suit. Many times we have the tendency to cheap out here and honestly this is where you want to invest well. I have written about shoes previously, so you can read in detail about what type of shoes to buy. I urge men all over and especially in the south to STAY AWAY FROM FAKE CROCODILE SHOES.

      4.      Think beyond Easter.
Your investment should take you well past Easter. It should also be appropriate for many other occasions. Aim for a look that can be easily translated to work, evening, dressed down and so forth. For example, you should be able to pair the blazer with jeans or coordinate the shoes with another suit. The key is to be unique yet versatile at the same time.

I hope this helps you make your Easter look as dapper and stylish as possible. Until next time!