"Prim and Proper" Photo Shoot with Dimitri Williams Photography

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with some of the most stylish people in the area for a collaborative photo shoot done by Dimitri Williams Photography. I have to say, not only were these  some of the most stylish people I have met by that were fun as well! Check out April, David, Courtney, Angela and myself as we share details about our looks and on our take on great style!

Meet April from Durham, NC she's a Fashion Editor, TV Style Expert & Fashion & Beauty CEO. Her style is described as edgy glam. You'll find her wearing a sequin skirt with a graphic t or a leather jacket, distressed jeans and designer pumps. Her advice for getting an edgy glam look: look for classic glam silhouettes like an a-line skirt and details in leather, denim or dark lace for an edgy spin. Pictured wearing: Classic white oxford shirt with a pussy bow from Nasty Gal, overlaid with a see-through tunic, lace tights and single sole glitter pumps.

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David Vashon is a native of Paterson, NJ. He is the owner of Bespoke Image Consulting and his major focus is helping men achieve their maximum potential through personal image and style. He considers his style as an eclectic but conservative style in which his major goal is to portray an image that projects powerful presence with style.

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"I'm definitely someone who has fun with fashion and love incorporating different styles into one look. My favorite outfits mix feminine and edgy pieces for a chic contrast. I get inspired by street style and fashion magazines, especially Harper's Bazaar. My best style advice is that you can wear anything as long as you wear it with confidence (I promise)!"

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Meet Angela Jones of The Ultimate Fashionista, L.L.C.  Fashion, shoes, and accessories have always been her interests.  At a very young age, she was mesmerized by her mother’s closet and began trying on her clothes and modeling.  She traveled to vintage and consignment shops with her mother and grandmother, and quickly became a lover of timeless fashion.  As she grew older she not only enjoyed enhancing her look, but that of others, so the natural fit was for her to become a Fashion Stylist.

Angela's style has no limits, as she always had a natural knack and eye for fashion, and can pull off creating any look.  She loves all aspects of fashion and particularly loves to mix modern with vintage pieces for a bit of a surprise.  Her style is affordable yet classy and she has fun mixing high and low fashion to create out-of-the-box outfits.  Her style advice is that it doesn't take a lot of money or designer labels to be well dressed.  Angela's shares much of her style and provides fashion inspiration through her blog at http:/theultimatefashionista.com/blog and other social media handles.

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"I enjoy taking vintage items and merging it with modern elements to create a timeless look. I believe your style should reflect who you are inside and your personality. With my look for the "Prim and Proper: shoot, I took a vintage suit and added modern items such as the black vest and pocket round from The Tie Bar to create this individualized look. I also added red diamond shaped elbow patches to add a bit of interest to suit."

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