Sir Byron's Product Review: Soul Socks

Thursday, October 31, 2013

If you know me then you know I really enjoy a awesome pair of socks. To be honest the more unique the sock is the better in my book! I recently had the privilege to check out a pair from the company Soul Socks and let me say I am very impressed! Check out my review of this awesome company that is new to the scene and is definitely giving other companies a run for their money!

 Soul Socks

The Company: Ok, if you love socks this is a pretty cool concept. One of the things you can do is subscribe to their sock program and receive a pair of unique socks each month. If you pay for a full year upfront they will throw in a extra pair, that means you get 13 different socks over a years time. This is huge for the sock connoisseur! Side Note: A portion of their proceeds goes to a charity to prepare youth for the job market! What an amazing way to give back to help our youth and our country's job market! 

The Product: I have to say upon receiving the socks it is definitely professionally packaged. You can tell they took time to make sure the purchaser feels like they are receiving a excellent product. But the biggest "wow" you find next is when you feel that Pima Cotton material; you know the socks are going to wear well and feel very comfortable on. One detail I like is that the socks are not too thick so it is a comfortable pair of socks to wear with many types of shoes and can be worn the majority of the year. This is a plus down here in the South because we don't have too many months of very cold weather. 

The Overall Experience: All in all I would have to say Soul Socks is a great company with an even more amazing mission and of course they sell an EXCELLENT pair of socks. With it's light weight, unique designs and simple monthly sock program I would say Soul Socks should be a staple in every dapper gentleman's sock collection. Soul Socks is definitely "Sir Byron APPROVED"

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