3 F's of Style

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thank you for reading the official FIRST post on the Sir Byron Laurent blog! Let’s talk about something most of us are looking for and one of the main purposes of the blog, STYLE!! Most people want to have their own style or “swag” so let’s begin by figuring out where you fall in what I call “The 3 F’s of Style”. 

The first F is for FLASHY. Persons with FLASHY taste normally gravitate toward bold colors, shine, bling and accessories. They are not afraid to take risks with fashion and possess a high level of creativity. It is however, important to remember to make a statement with ONE element in your look. The goal is to be subtle and FLASHY, not offensive or loud in your attire. Proper fitting clothing, quality fabrics and season appropriate colors are all very important things to keep in mind. There is a fine line between FLASHY and tacky. You do not want to be noticed in your head-to-toe pastel, three piece suit in the dead of winter. I would also avoid primary colored and faux skin shoes. Instead, opt to invest in a good quality leather shoe in black or brown or if a colored shoe is a must, let the shoe be the statement piece in the outfit and keep everything else neutral or complimentary. 

The second F is for FANCY. Persons with Fancy style believe they are stylish because they spend a lot of money on their clothes. It is important to remember that it’s not the cost of the item or the name of the brand that makes the outfit, but the creativity used in pulling the outfit together. If an outfit is not styled (accessorized or put together) correctly, no one will ever guess or care that you purchased an expensive brand. In other words, “Being Polo’d down” does not signify style.

 The last F is for FASHIONABLE.  The FASHIONABLE person combines both the FLASHY and FANCY styles. The fashionable dresser will understand and adhere to basic rules of fashion such as seasonality, selecting quality fabrics, color schemes and trends in color, appropriate fit, etc.  It is important to the FASHIONABLE dresser to incorporate staple pieces into their wardrobe. When combining timeless pieces with a bit of creativity and a bit of “FLASH”, a fashionable dresser is sure to stand out. 

Hopefully these easy to remember 3 F’s of style will be helpful and will get the wheels turning so that you can identify your style and build on it in the correct manner. Until next time…

Sir Byron Laurent