The Gentlemen’s Styling Guide: Color, Fabrics, and Patterns!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

When it comes to being fashionable it’s the small details that separate the average person from the stylish and fashion forward person. Paying attention to and mixing the right colors, fabrics, and patterns keep you from blending with your environment.

COLOR: Color combinations can make either make the statement, “Look I bought this off the rack” or “I am a style connoisseur”. The first mistake people generally make is thinking the word “coordinate” means to match colors exactly. This isn’t exactly the case. I provided below a color wheel as a reference for how to group colors together. You will see black and white is not represented on the wheel. That is because black is the presence of all the colors and white is the absence of all color. They are considered shades and not colors.

FABRICS: This can be a little tricky, but simply mix two to three types of fabrics (textiles) together. Combine wools with cotton (or cotton blends) and silks (only ties and hankies NOT shirts, lol). Mix and match. This creates a contrast, thus giving your look depth and layers. Below gives a great example of this mix and match of fabrics.

PATTERNS: When it comes to patterns there is a fine line between looking unique and looking “eccentric”. Mix up your look by matching two to three patterns. Done correctly, gingham and paisley combined look great. Matching hounds tooth with strips creates a classic look. A pattern such as plaid on the other hand generally needs to be paired with solid colors because it is such a dominating pattern; for example a plaid blazer or suit with a solid shirt (you can pick up another pattern in the tie). These are just examples, please feel free to explore and mix and match patterns. Take a look at the items below.

Next time you are looking in your closet or in the store to pull an amazing outfit together, use these simple tips to break out beyond the crowd and be the best dressed gentleman you can be!