Guest Blog Post From D. Mari: Men’s Guide to Holiday Party Attire

Thursday, December 20, 2012

From the holiday parties, family visits, countless cookies and other baked delightful treats and goodies, there is one thing that you will need to prepare for this season: The ever present, often dreaded, HOLIDAY PARTY. Whether it is your employer’s corporate function or just a family get-together with the in-laws, one thing will always remain: Everyone will be watching and waiting to see a well-groomed man with a clean and crisp ensemble that exudes effortless style.

Well, I, D. Mari the stylist, in order to form a more perfect holiday look, have compiled 4 tips to achieve a Haute Holiday Look which include signature items, shopping tips and where to find all the details to complete your fit. 

Tips for Your Perfected Holiday Look:
  1. Shopping without the Stores
  2. Signature Spirited Shirts and Collections
  3. Shop for Classic Claus (without the the reindeer)
  4. Being Frugal without the Scrooge Look

TIP 1: Shopping without the Stores:
Online shopping is one of the many ways that can give you the shopper an opportunity to purchase the classic pieces that you’re looking for…Some websites even allow you to virtually try on your clothes based on your measurements. Using the internet will not only help you avoid the long lines, but it will also give you the flexibility to visit many stores to pull together your look.

One of my top favorite websites: This site allows you to search by filtering down to many categories so that you can pick the perfect look.
Here are a few looks that I was able to find from the holiday collections that are showcased on the site. There is a range from casual looks to designer formal tuxedos offered at a range of price points.

TIP 2: Signature Spirited Shirts & Collections that will Spice Up Your Holiday Look

Express Men’s has a holiday collection filled with patterned shirts and other signature pieces that will give life to any dull outfit. They have some of the season’s best textures and pattern mixes for men to choose from.
Below are some of my top looks directly from their holiday collection that may be of interest to any classy gentleman.


TIP 3: Classic Claus (without the reindeer) – Putting together holiday cheerful looks that aren’t corny can be a way to bring in the holiday spirit and look good while doing it.
For example, classic Santa Claus boots and red velvet textured garments at a holiday party not only shows that you are stylish, but also festive. Another stylish piece is the “Christmas” sweater. They do not have to have funny paintings or lame sayings on them to be considered for the holidays. Forever 21 Men’s selection features a set of comfortable yet stylish holiday sweaters and even some “Santa” boots that spread cheer for the season!

TIP 4: Being a Frugal without the Scrooge Look –
Many stores that carry men’s clothing charge astronomical prices. However,
H&M is one store that you can get some great pieces and accessories to complete any look, and not break your budget doing so. Below I have found some great details that will complete any holiday ensemble and the prices that you can expect to pay. Looking for other ways to save? Did you know that many websites also offer free shipping and other holiday rewards and discounts that will satisfy any frugal fellow?

There were many more looks and stores that a gentleman can shop for the best holiday look. This gala of garments allows men to choose from many options that will make the life of any event that they attend this season. For a well-dressed man, this holiday season seems to be the perfect time to showcase his more-than-dapper look to the adoring public.

As a stylist, I recommend that you try shopping in a variety of locations; search online and go on shopping trips. In order to achieve your best Holiday look, take the time to cover all the details. Always remember you may not find everything in one store and you can always get by with a little help from your friends (or stylist).

Now get suited up for those holiday style soirees!!!

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